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Game Bundles - Zombie Playground
geschrieben am 17.11.16 03:08 Uhr von DerAzzi

Zombie Playground Steam Key
+ Backpack und Cape DLC

Give Away auf Alienware Arena

Zombie Playground™ is 'Goonies' meets 'Attack the Block' meets 'The Walking Dead.'

Become a kid again by grabbing your copy of Zombie Playground and let's make our nosey neighbor say, "What are those darn kids doing over there?"

We're so excited to jump on furniture again.  Stealth Studios is teaming up with Alienware Arena to give away copies of their new game, Zombie Playground. Along with a free copy of the game, they have also provided us with some Alienware in-game items. You can grab your game above and then head over to our other giveaway pages to grab your exclusive Alienware Cape and Backpack.

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